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Compassionate Nature Studios, LLC

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A slower practice developed to offer a slower & more fundamental approach to yoga. This class includes breath work, strengthening poses, balancing poses, and relaxation techniques, all the while focusing on the specific needs of the individuals in the class. All are welcome, especially those who want a slower-moving, less vigorous yoga flow. This class is great for every body and every experience level.


ALL LEVELS - In this class we will begin by connecting with slow & steady breaths.  By progressively adding more movement to that breath we create a flow of movement that brings intention of overall well-being into our practice on the mat and continue to resonate off the mat.


A low cardio workout that blends Ballet, Pilates and Yoga moves to lengthen, strengthen and provide flexibility for a full body conditioning workout.


With Yin yoga we gently stretch and rehabilitate the connective tissues that form our joints.  While focusing on the cultivation of  long (3-5 minute) holds in postures to stretch and open the tissues of the body & cultivate the flow of fluid and energy through the body.  This assists in creating the feelings of ease and lightness in our bodies and the flexibility of our joints.  Meditation may be offered as a part of this practice.  Yin is excellent for students looking for meditative practice with an aspect of physical & mental restoration and rejuvenation.


With only 5-6 poses held for longer periods of time you’ll restore and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. Using the support of props & therapeutic breathing will help you to relax deeply and release residual tension, restoring natural balance and harmony. Nurturing & healing practice that is appropriate for all levels and can be very beneficial for those looking to bring balance to the stress of a busy life style. Singing bowls and gong may be incorporated in this class depending on the theme.


Relaxation does not happen by doing more but by doing less.  Yoga Nidra is about releasing the struggle to make anything happen.  It is the practice of doing nothing to arrive exactly where you want to be. This is all possible through a specific guided meditation unlike other guided meditations.  The best part is anyone can do it.  If you lay on a mat and cover up with a blanket you can do Yoga Nidra.

Is Yoga Nidra hypnosis? The answer is No.  It’s a relaxation practice that puts you in a sleep state while being awake and aware.

Yoga Nidra is a great and simple way of relieving stress by promoting deep rest and relaxation that you do not get from other forms of Yoga. By combining breathe awareness and utilizing the stages of the body scan you can calm your nervous system while reducing stress and creating all around better health for yourself.